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Quid Hackathon II

Earlier this year, the Technology team at Quid participated in the second Quidathon. The two day event was particularly memorable as it was the last bit of innovation in our old office. As with each Quidathon, there are only two rules: learn something new and have fun! Projects can range anywhere from implementing prototypes of […]

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Quid Hackathon

Quid hosted its first internal hackathon, a Quidathon, back in late November. Teams of engineers, product managers, and designers had 48 hours to see their ideas become a reality. We required only two things of participants. First, have fun! And second, attempt to learn something new. Before our two day event was over, the entire […]

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Reaching Equilibrium in Web Browser Network Visualizations

Quid allows users to derive data driven insights from extensive, unstructured data sets. Not only do we collect and analyze the world’s unstructured data, but we also present this data to customers in a way that instigates insight and inspiration, and ultimately adds value to their business. On the engineering side, we’ve been faced with the challenge of visualizing […]

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