Quid hosted its first internal hackathon, a Quidathon, back in late November. Teams of engineers, product managers, and designers had 48 hours to see their ideas become a reality.

We required only two things of participants. First, have fun! And second, attempt to learn something new. Before our two day event was over, the entire company gathered round to watch each team present their project. Below are a few of the awesome projects that emerged.


Quid Touch: A touch compatible version of Quid’s web application (using a 55″ touch display found in Quid’s office).


User Activity Heat Map: An interactive user activity heat map within Quid’s data visualization application.


Mobile Quid: A mobile version of Quid’s web application.



Embedded Quid: A lightweight version of Quid’s web application that can be embedded in any webpage.

Smart Search: A “smart” version of Quid Search which took advantage of a generated taxonomy and a query to generate a context based suggestion.


Everyone at Quid was excited to see the projects Quidizens created in such a short time. We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for a few of these. And even more, we look forward to Quid’s next hackathon!

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