Quid is hosting the next d3.bayarea() Meet Up event! Please join us for an engaging visualization discussion. Food, beer, and wine will be provided. RSVP: https://lnkd.in/b3vKky4


Major League Data Visualization
Wednesday January 20th @ 6:30pm
62 1st Street FL 5 San Francisco CA


Those working in data visualization know how challenging projects can be. There is no silo for data visualization. To do it well often requires domain experts, designers, analysts and engineers contributing in their own special way. How you bring these diverse skills together again and again through iterations is still more an art than a science.

This month at the D3 MeetUp we have a team from Stanford’s Sports Analytics Club talking to us about how they came together to take second place in Graphicacy’s Major league data challenge. Graphicacy is a creative analytics design firm who challenged a host of contestants to visualize the statistics of the 20 top baseball players of all time.

The team consists of Eli Shayer, Scott Powers, Ryan Chen, Daniel Alvarado, and Stephen Spears. During the MeetUp we’ll hear about the conception of their project, their process for effectively working in groups, how they made decisions as well as how d3.js fit into the mix. You can view their submission here.

Following the team will be a presentation from our sponsor Quid. To make a highly performant visualization application, Quid needed to put significant thought into which libraries they chose to include and/or recreate for themselves. During this talk we’ll get an understand of how those decisions were made.

6:30 – 7:00: Grub and gab
7:00 – 7:45: Stanford Sports Analytics Club
7:45 – 8:15: Quid, under the hood
8:15 – 9:00: Show and tell

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